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The latest inside John Brown – who we’re working with, live
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“2017 looks like it will be a very exciting year for content marketing,
 but especially so for
 John Brown.”

Andrew Hirsch

“There is much talk about the UAE and it's ambitious developments. John Brown is creating the content at the heart of that conversation.”

Claire England
regional director, UAE

“Design can transform a good idea into a great idea. That, and a nice
a sans serif.”

Chris Parker
group creative director

"We help brands create a consistent omni-channel narrative to retain and acquire new customers"

Libby Kay
Managing Director

“Having embraced the omnichannel world, customers expect their favourite brands to do the same.”

Christian Ruland
head of innovation

“Never underestimate the value of a warm greeting and a smile.”

Natalina Lino


“I’m fascinated by what influences our shopping decisions and am inspired daily by a cornucopia
of sources.”

Marie O’Riordan


“Digital’s great, but a physical magazine still offers something unique and special that can’t be replicated on a screen.”

Chris Smith

“A great execution is what brings the strategy to life. If it doesn’t look a million dollars, it’s not worth one.”

William Sitwell
editorial director, food

“Delivering solutions in a digital world requires communication, focus and agility.”

Natalie Newton
senior digital
project manager

“Half the world is trying to stop people sharing its information, and the other half can’t get people to share it fast enough. We can change that.”

Matt Potter
chief content

“Content Marketing is the hottest buzzword and we are excited to be at the forefront of this industry.”

Lani Carstens
managing director, John Brown South Africa


“Telling powerful stories requires unbridled creativity, the perfect match between content and design and… a little
je ne sais quoi.”

Florence Labedays
content editor

“Digital content design is not just about what it looks like. Digital content design is about how users read.”

Shimpei Okumura
digital art director

“‘Good enough’ just isn’t good enough.”

Matthew Jolly
production director

“The best stories combine instinct, intelligence and passion; with an almost imperceptible veneer
of the smarts."

Rebekah Billingsley
head of digital & content strategy